Fall Hikes

Let the record show…I did some hiking in 2015…

September 5,  Taylor Head Full Meal Deal

This was a challenging hike. The pace Jim set was just short of a run and it had rained in the morning so all of the exposed tree roots were slippery as heck! From the map: http://www.novascotiaparks.ca/brochures/TaylorHeadTrail.pdf the total distance is about 17.3km. We did the loop sections in a figure eight pattern., stopped for lunch, and went to a pub afterwards for dinner. It was a great day. These are the hikes I love!

September 12,  Memory Lane

Memory Lane Heritage Village is an award winning living history museum depicting coastal rural life in Nova Scotia during the 1940s, including life during and after the Second World War.

Costumed animators greet you, happy to share stories and knowledge of life in the 1940s. In the Webber House you can sit in the parlour, listening to the wartime broadcast. There’s an icehouse, and great photo opportunities in the barn and wood & metal workshop. Live chickens, sheep and cats were on the loose. 

Unfortunately, I arrived with a 4G card in my Nikon…that filled up pretty quick. Rookie mistake. I resorted to taking pictures on my iPhone.

September 20, Crowbar Lake Trails


Meh! Not too bad at all…I did manage to get a few pictures but they were an afterthought and it shows.

October 3,  Mystery Hike

This was another of Susan’s hikes. Always interesting. We started out at the Farmer’s Market in Wolfville, did a short hike at the Agricultural Center, back to a church in Wolfville for an African Drumming lesson, off to Blomidon Winery and finally to the beach.

October 10 Cape Split Fall Colors

A 17k hike on a beautiful Saturday afternoon…and on my way to Yarmouth…How could I resist?

October 24, Ladies Only Trail Build

This one was a lot of work…I was on the axe all day.

November 1, Polly Cove Ocean Hike

A great ocean hike between West Dover & Peggy’s Cove. Trails, rock walking, some steep rocky climbs, and some really cool caves.

November 11, Remembrance Day Hike at Cape Split

This was a great way to commemorate Remembrance Day. We had 2 minutes of silence just as we started out at 11am and lunch on the bluff.



OK. It’s been awhile. But there’s no time like the present to get caught up. Right?

I spent the summer of ’15 hiking, camping, cottaging, and generally enjoying the blessings of being from the east coast of Canada.  Trails Nova Scotia provides maps and details on over 200 trails in the province…and I’ve been to SO many places I didn’t know existed!

Everytime I ‘discovered’ a new hike or beach, I felt a little panicked that there was no way I was going to keep all these places sorted out. Thus…my personal inventory of the places I’ve been and places I want to visit again…In case my my memory fails me before my knees do…

Colpitt Lake Trail

An early May hike around Colpitt Lake with some wonderful water views as well as some  city landscapes. You don’t have to go far from the city to get back to nature…exposed bedrock, rough glacial terrain, a little bush whacking…a little more bush whacking..

Do It Like Moses..Walking on the ocean floor in the Bay of Fundy

Hiking along the Bay of Fundy from Soley Cove to Five Islands Park.  We started the hike about two hours after high tide, giving us plenty of time to explore the bottom of the bay.  This is much the same route followed by runners in the “Not Since Moses” event. http://www.notsincemoses.com/ About 8 km of amazing shoreline that is covered by up to 45 ft. of water at high tide!

Purcell’s Cove

On Canada Day we took on steep hills, water crossings, and rough trails in the Purcell’s Cove backlands; hiked to a lookoff, touched on Colpitt and Flat Lakes before heading back down to Teabag Lake for a swim.

The Western Shore

This Western Shore day wasn’t so much of a hike as an adventure. We started out with an Intro to Rock Hounding session presented by the President of Scotian Lapidary at the Lookoff Family Campground, in Canning. Once we knew what to look for we moved on to Scot’s Beach (where rocks find their way down from Amethyst Cove) for some rock hounding and then to Halls Harbour, a very picturesque village outside Canning. Finally, we headed to  Blue Beach (a beach full of fossils) for an early evening bonfire. The step count wasn’t really up there, but I had just visited four places I didn’t know existed. Score!


Duncan’s Cove

Duncan’s Cove is about 20 min outside of Halifax. It’s a very scenic 7 Km hike that takes about two hours unless you’re hiking with a group of photographers in which case you should book off four or five hours…There’s lots to take photos of…


Taylor Head Provincial Park

Taylor Head Provincial Park is located southwest of Sheet Harbour and occupies a rugged wind swept peninsula that juts 6 km into the Atlantic Ocean. Taylor Head offers three different hikes so you can hike 2, 9, or 17 kl. I love the 17 kilometers along the ocean. This one I’ll do again…


Brule Shore

Looking at my pictures, it looks like our week at the Brule shore was all about the sunsets. They were spectacular, but we also made it to the Seafoam Lavender Farm, the Lismore Sheep Farm,  the Tatamagouche Butter Trail, had back yard bonfires, and played ladder golf…Where are those pictures?? Anyway…the sunsets were like this…

Kedji 2.0

Off we went to another round of Big Dam Frozen Ocean canoeing. Last year we did this loop in a weekend and this year we promised ourselves we’d  take more time, more pictures, more swimming…As luck would have it we picked that week in August that saw temperatures hitting 40 degrees in the city…What a week to be in the backcountry…

Micous Island

Micous Island is a 22-acre tidal island located near the eastern shore of St. Margarets Bay. The island is accessible by a sandbar at low tide. In 2007, the island was purchased through a community fundraising campaign and is now being cared for jointly by the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources and the St. Margarets Bay Stewardship Association.

We got a guided tour of the island from Mike Lancaster with some history and lots of tree theory (He’s a Forestry grad…)

So…that was summer 2015! Nova Scotia has 7600 kilometers of coastline and over 200 mapped hiking trails; I suspect there are still a few good hikes I’ve yet to discover. I was definitely struck by how may beaches there are  and how each one is different….It seems I’m not the first person to notice this…

Be Where You Are…


Today I visited the Old Quarter of Hanoi for the first time in months. I needed to buy a new pair of sun glasses and I knew a street in the quarter where I could select from Dolce & Gabbana, Channel, or Ray Ban for $10 a pair. That errand done, I wandered down to Hoam Kiem Lake cursing the traffic and the crowds along the way. I was thinking about my upcoming trip to Saigon, the workshop I had to give on Wednesday, tropical storm Gabriel in Nova Scotia…

As I entered the park at the lake and walked past the Ngoc Son Temple a voice in my head, (Oh, come on! We all have them…) said,…”Be where you are.” Blame it on reading too much about Buddhism or just getting weird in my old age, but, I’ve started listening more to those voices…and I looked up…The Ngoc Son Temple  (Temple of Jade Mountain) is stunning. It was built in the 18th Century on Jade Island.  Jade Island is connected to the shore of Hoan Kiem Lake by the red, wooden The Huc (Morning Sunlight) Bridge.  I’ve included pictures of the temple and the bridge to show you just how beautiful they are. Without that voice in my head, I would have walked past…head down…negotiating with locals and tourists and vendors and motorbikes for sidewalk space. Instead I sat on a bench and watched a couple having wedding photos taken, watched tourists take pictures from the bridge, watched a group of old (old!) men practicing tie chi, and became mindful of where I was.
THe Huc

Mindfulness is not a strong suite of mine. No matter where I am, my mind is usually somewhere else.

And speaking of somewhere else…
Last week I was cleaning up my photos and came across several I had taken while hiking at Sugar Moon Farm in Nova Scotia last fall… I wonder where I was thinking about that day at Sugar Moon…

??????????????? ???????????????