Learning Photoshop

I’ve been trying to learn Photoshop techniques. One thing these exercises do is give me an appreciation of how my students feel when they’re trying to configure routers and switches…It’s all easy once you know how.

The original photo
The original photo

Yeah, I thought that would be a challenge. I decided to swap out the sky for something a little more interesting…this is one of the many skies I tried…

One of the many skys I swapped in
One of the many skys I swapped in

I’ve since learned how to refine the edge when blending to layers. I’ll revisit this process and fixed those trees.

Next Tutorial…

Preparing Thanksgiving Dinner 2015
Preparing Thanksgiving Dinner 2015

I thinks this looks a lot more interesting…

Photo Collage from one Photo
Photo Collage from one Photo

I also tried this 3D projection technique. This technique can be worked on lots of the pictures I have so I’ll be doing more of these.


this is what the original looked like…DSC_0118


I really wanted to try repairing some old photos. It’s not as easy as you’d think. This one is a work in progress..

An abused photo
An abused photo


Photoshop has filters for sketching, oils, watercolors. While these built in filters are fun, the results can be a little disappointing. I found several good tutorials on creating sketches and I tried sketching one photo of an old house Din and I found along the Brule shore this summer…

From this…


…to this…


Halfway through my sketching workflow, I really liked the look of one of my layers..Kinda watercolor…




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