Whew! Done…Well, not quite…

CaptureThanks to my sister and my daughter-in-law I’ve achieve my very modest fundraising goal for the Cobiquid Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in the Bluenose Marathon Run (Oops! I mean walk…)

This got me to thinking about what I really should be doing for an organization I believe is well-run and responsible for important and significant work.  The least I can do is explain why I think this organization is so worthy of everyone’s support…

The Cobiquid Wildlife Rehabilitation Center is run by a very capable veterinarian, Helene, and her super-understanding, super-helpful husband Murdo. Helene happens to be funny, irreverent, and able to divine the personality of every patient the CWRC takes in.  And what personalities these critters have! These are no pet-store darlings. They’re wild, they’re proud, and, when they are not scared, they’re pissed. Helen and Murdo respect their boundaries, support their spirit of independence (check out the Big Jeezley)  and provide only what’s needed to get them back ‘home’.

If you follow the CWRC facebook postings you get to enjoy the ride…the drama…the hissy-fits…the small triumphs …and the spectacular sendoffs. It also helps that Murdo is a talented videographer and photographer (when he’s not facing off with an Eagle over a feeding dish). I’ve really enjoyed (and often had a good laugh) getting to know amazing and courageous animals through Helene’s posts and Murdo’s photos and videos. It’s because of this that I feel especially guilty about not doing enough to support the CWRC.

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So, what is it with trying to fundraise? You put yourself out there and someone can say no (Ouch!)…You know what?…That’s my ego….And my ego shouldn’t be as important as these snowy owls, eagles, or heart-wrenching baby snow shoe hares. If you have a cause you support, fine…but…if you don’t, or if your Aunt in Fall River doesn’t, PLEASE contribute to the CWRC or ask her to.

Those of us who follow the CWRC Facebook page got to know Porcules, the teenage porcupine who was in charge at the CWRC for a few months in 2013. This year’s first juvenile patient is a baby porcupine that was attacked by a dog…Yeah, the dog got quilled…but this little guy is all alone and he does have some injuries. This week he accepted some milk…Do yourself a favor and follow his progress until he’s released by liking the CWRC Facebook page.

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Contribute if you can, but if you can’t just join Helene and Murdo for the ride…It’s uplifting!