Where can I find you online?


I was looking for images for a portfolio piece yesterday and I found this 2010 cartoon… While in 2010 employers may not have been looking for your online presence, in Internet time a lot can change in three years. And it has…Now, it’s just as likely that the first question our students get asked by potential employers is “Where can I find you on line?” …”Is your portfolio public?” …usually, while they are pulling out their Galaxy.

Today, job candidates don’t have to say “Google me”. They can assume the employer has already done that. What the candidate needs to do is make sure that search returns a professional profile and a credible portfolio of skills, contributions, and collaborations.

Nothing underlines this more than the news from Google last month that they will no longer consider transcripts or GPA scores for hiring…

One of the things we’ve seen from all our data crunching is that G.P.A.’s are worthless as a criteria for hiring, and test scores are worthless—no correlation at all except for brand-new college grads, where there’s a slight correlation. Google famously used to ask everyone for a transcript and G.P.A.’s and test scores, but we don’t anymore, unless you’re just a few years out of school. We found that they don’t predict anything.

Seems Google has decided that “academic environments are artificial environments”. According to Laszlo Bock, a senior vice president at Google,

[Y]our ability to perform at Google is completely unrelated to how you performed when you were in school, because the skills you required in college are very different.

Google isn’t interested in hiring people who can find the correct answer when one exists. They are interested in hiring “…people who like figuring out stuff where there is no obvious answer” .

Welcome to the 21st Century new grads! It’s a Google world out there…

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