15 Trends in Education in Simple English (and Vietnamese)

emptydesksI am preparing a presentation on Trends in Education for the staff at the Vietnam Association of Community Colleges. My aim is to provide a working vocabulary that will help in discussions regarding the current context of post-secondary education. I have identified fifteen trends in education that people are talking about. These trends are significant because they relate to what education has become: personal, social, global, and open.

Over the next few weeks I’ll provide a simple (It all needs to be translated!) explanation of each of these terms, point out some of the issues surrounding them, and try to explain how they are impacting post-secondary education. Each entry will (eventually) also provide a Vietnamese version. We will use these entries as a starting point in our discussions which I expect will be mainly in Vietnamese.

Lifelong Learning
How can the College accommodate lifelong learners?

Informal Learning
Why should Colleges be concerned about informal learning?
How can the College support informal learning?

Service Learning
Why should service learning be part of the College curriculum?

Portfolio Learning
How can students use a portfolio to track their learning?

Work-based Learning
What role can the College play in work-based learning?

PLAR (Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition)
What does a formal PLAR process look like?

Flexible Ubiquitous Access

  • e-learning
  • m-learning
  • blended learning
  • context aware u-learning
  • collaborative environments
  • cloud computing

What will learning look like in 2025?

BYOD (Bring your own device)
What are the challenges and security issues involved when students bring their own devices?

OERs (Open Educational Resources)
Should the College have policies in place for creation and use of OERs in the curriculum?

MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses)
Will MOOCs replace traditional post-secondary courses?

CMS/LMS (Content Management/Learning Management Systems)
What are the benefits of using a Content or Learning Management System?

Can we teach meta-skills within the curriculum?

Internationalization of Education
How are our students tapping into global education?

Localization of Curriculum
As education becomes global why should we localize our curriculum?

Gender Issues
Is gender really an issue on education today?

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