Content Management and Learning Management Systems

Dưới đây là bản tiếng Việt

MoodleAs learning becomes personal so does the makeup of each individual’s  personal  learning network (PLN). Network learning, or personal knowledge management (PKM), includes the tools you use and the processes you put in place to make sense of information, observations, and ideas. Your PLN is made up of the resources, experts, collaborators, and organizational tools that work for you.

Content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal, and learning management systems such as Moodle and Desire2Learn allow us to subscribe to, find, organize, and publish information and courses on topics that we’re interested in. These systems are often referred to as platforms and they provide template-based organization and publication of learning resources. The goal is to facilitate knowledge sharing and personal content management.

Some of these platforms have both cloud-based and downloadable versions. For instance, you can register with, collect resources there and have your blog hosted on WordPress servers online. (The URLs for these sites will usually end in …  Or, you can download the WordPress platform software from and host your WordPress site(s) on your own server.

Learning Management Systems, in addition to templates for organizing and publishing information, also include

  • Student Registration and Administration
  • Training Event Management (i.e., scheduling, tracking, and web-based delivery)
  • Curriculum and Certification Management
  • Skills and Competencies Management
  • Reporting
  • Training Record Management
  • Courseware Authoring

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