Tra Vinh University in the Mekong Delta


Vietnam is 1,650 kilometers long and at the narrowest point about 50 kilometers wide. The Mekong Delta is the southernmost tip. So, it took a two hour plane ride and another two hours by car to arrive at Tra Vinh University. Tra Vinh hasn’t been a University for long. It started out as a Community College in 2001 under the Vietnam and Canada Community College Project. Today it has ~20,000 students and has 26 degree and diploma programs. Tra Vihn is a success story. Actually, that’s the reason I was there…to document best practices. This is the type of success the VACC wants to duplicate at other colleges in the country. It was really cool to spend time with the instructors from the Cisco Networking Academy. I’ve been an editor with the Cisco for several years now and it’s pretty neat to see the curriculum you worked on in English being taught in Vietnamese in the Mekong.

These are some photos I took of the Mekong Delta…IMG_0106 - Copy

IMG_0123 IMG_0118 IMG_0114 - Copy

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