Timing is everything…

I happened to be in Tra Vinh when they were saying goodbye to two Profs from Memorial University who have been teaching there for seven weeks. Tra Vinh University knows how to do hospitality up right. All of the volunteers on campus were invited to a “good-bye” dinner for Aaron and Roy…There were folks from Vietnam, Newfoundland (of course), Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, The Philippines, University of Waterloo (well represented) and Nova Scotia (yours truly). But, let’s just blame this particular evening on the three Newfoundlanders…  DSCF4972

DSCF4941 DSCF4945 DSCF4987 DSCF5002DSCF4992 DSCF4994DSCF4997Believe it or not it was an early night…Some of us had to be on the way to Ho Chi Minh City at 7am…Some of us were doing a Teaching Methodologies workshop at 8:30am..DSCF4925

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