Một đêm tại Nhà hát (A Night at the Opera)


Last night I attended a concert by Canadian pianist and composer Alain Lefèvre at the Vietnam National Opera.  The event was part of the celebrations of the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Canada and Vietnam.It was awesome…I had my own ‘opera box’. It all felt very posh and we all tried to forget that it was still 32 degrees at 9pm.

Also, as you can see from the blog title, I’ve started my Vietnamese lessons. WUSC has provided a private tutor for five two-hour lessons. I must say he is very good and, so far, I’m learning how to pronounce things…as in “th” sounds like “ch”,  “t” sounds like “d”, “c” sounds like “g”,  and “d”, “gi” and “r” all sound like “z”….This could take awhile…

I could have kicked myself for not taking my camera last night, but then I remembered…I have a new iPhone! (Did you know the iPhones account for more pictures on Flickr than any other camera?) This is the Vietnam National Opera…

VNO2 operahouse1 VNO3

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