Today is the day that students in Vietnam are taking their “short-form” exams…

All students in Vietnam are required to take the national Leaving Examination at the end of grade 12 to get a diploma. The Leaving Examination is administered by the MoET (Ministry of Education and Training). Students still have to pass their regular end-of-term examinations, along with passing the Leaving Examination.

The Leaving Examination includes six subjects: mathematics, Vietnamese literature, foreign language, and three alternating subjects determined by the Ministry. This year office technology is being tested. Each exam has a maximum value of 10 points and, in order to graduate, a student needs to achieve a minimum total score of 30 points. A score below this will also disqualify a student from taking part in the national University Entrance Examination.

Nearly 1 million students sit for the Leaving Examination in late May or early June every year.[1] Seems the “long-form exams” were written Saturday and today’s the day for the rest. For me, that means that all of my office mates are proctering exams and I am working at home doing research…and that I have a little time to post some pictures from around the neighbourhood.

214 186 179 177  131  060047150

1. Pham Xuan Thanh, ‘Vietnam assessment practice and roadmap for effective assessment system’. 

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