May, 2011 VETA Mikumi Project Implementation

Summer 2011 110

Learning Goals

On arriving in Mikumi, the team got started immediately with the work on upgrading the existing ICT infrastructure. VETA Mikumi faculty members Chrizostom Sosthenes and Jackson Haule joined the team upon arrival on-­‐site. Following is a summary of tasks which allowed the team to accomplish both learning and service goals:

 Apply problem solving strategies in situations where the problems and desired solutions are both cleaand unclear.

  •  Installed a hardware based firewall to restrict Internet access to HTTP/HTTPS traffic
  • Installed a proxy service to optimize Internet bandwidth utilization
  • Verified the network cabling infrastructure throughout the campus and made repairs where necessary.
  • Verified and repaired the campus satellite downlink/uplink Internet feed.
  • Replaced the existing network device infrastructure with enterprise grade Ethernet switches.
  • Prepared an appropriate system configuration for the lab workstations that would provide adequate access to resources based on three different user profiles: ICT students, tourism students, and general users.
  • Installed a Cisco 1300 access point to provide system and internet access to a faculty lounge area and to the outdoor areas of the campus adjacent to the labs
  • Re-­‐installed the existing Cisco 1100 access points in the Administration/ICT lab building.

Communicate information and ideas in ways that are appropriate to the purpose and audience through oral, written, and graphic means.

  • Provided an overview of the existing network environment and improvement/rebuilding  plans to orient the team and the Mikumi staff
  • Demonstrated workstation imaging using Ghost 7.2 software
  • Assisted Mikumi staff in imaging campus labs multiple times
  • Assisted Mikumi staff in customizing the Campus Intranet WordPress service
  • Introduced  the Mikumi staff to the Campus Intranet Moodle service as a tool for blended course delivery

Use information gathering techniques, analyze and evaluate information, and use information technology to assist in the collecting, analyzing, organizing, and presenting of information.

  • Monitored Internet usage at VETA Mikumi to determine how the campus could optimize access to the shared 256K satellite Internet feed.
  • Determined the most appropriate solution for network connection of the business lab was wired connectivity over a proposed wireless link.
  • Installed a wired 100Mb connection to the business lab allowing access to Campus Intranet resources and Internet.

Work with others as a member of a team to achieve a shared goal, help other people to learn on the job, and respond effectively to the needs of a client.

  • Re-­‐evaluated original implementation plans, based on the actualities on-­‐site and modified those plans to suit site constraints.
  • Implemented the network infrastructure and server equipment.
  • Cleaned aggressive and significant virus infections on all VETA Mikumi workstations.
  • Monitored and assisted Mikumi staff in cleaning virus infections using MS Essentials, CCleaner, Stinger and a selection of other utilities researched and accessed
  • Monitored and assisted Mikumi staff in preparing and testing wired connections on campus
  • Met with Mr. Christopher Ayo, Principal of VETA Mikumi, to discuss future directions at VETA Mikumi, including plans for a language lab and an extended ICT course

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