June 2010 Ghana National Education Campaign Coalition (GNECC)

Ghana Week 1 059When you embark on a service learning project, you identify, at a minimum, the service outcomes you hope to accomplish. Sometimes it’s possible to identify learning outcomes as well, often it’s not. What you are going to experience, what you are going to bring back, is often the great unknown. I have listed the service outcomes for my Leave for Change placement in Ghana. I will address what Ghana and it’s wonderful people taught me in another post.


Communications Advisor


  • Edit and format current draft of 2010-2015 Strategic Plan 
  • Prepare an accessible version of the Education Bill for GNECC staff and partners
  • Prepare an FAQ document with HTML links to 2008 Ghana Education Act
  • Train GNECC staff to use editing features of MSWord
  • Develop a draft document outlining a Media Engagement Strategy for GNECC as identified in the 2010-2015 Strategic Plan


  • Edited and formatted version of GNECC Strategic Plan 2010-2015
  • HTLM version of 2008 Ghana Education Act  available for distribution to GNECC staff and partners and for posting on GNECC website
  • HTML document linking FAQ to Education Bill available for distribution to GNECC staff and partners and for posting on GNECC site
  • Two (2) female staff members trained in word processing


  • Increased capacities of GNECC staff and partners to access policy data and implement programs of advocacy in the education sector more efficiently and to participate in policy dialogue.
  • Increased skills and knowledge of individuals in GNECC to facilitate data dissemination to GNECC staff and partners.

Other unexpected results achieved:

  • Produced a membership/responsibilities table of entities and committees highlighted in 2008 Education Act.
  • Edited and formatted June 2010 Quarterly Report
  • Repaired wireless network configurations to improve bandwidth speeds at the GNECC office.
  • Edited 2007/2008 AGM Report