Saturday, May 16 Children’s Session at Kimara

Saturday, May 16 Children’s Session at Kimara
This is the day everyone in our group was looking forward to. It’s the Children’s Day at KPE. Each Staurday Kimara brings 60-70 children into the center and, using music, drama and stories, helps them to work through what is happening in their lives. But today, at the request of the children, NSCC students will set the agenda for the whole day. And what a wonderful day! The students organized a sing along, Canadian Bingo, an art exchange project with a school in Nova Scotia, and (I can’t believe how successful this was) a game of Red Rover.
Jessica brought 120 MacDonald’s Happy Meal toys (..a huge Thank You to her neighbor!) and each child (and adult) present received a toy. We had well over a hundred more toys which we left with Kimara to use for home visits and future sessions with the children.
Today was a day everyone took photos and the children loved having their picture taken. A highlight of the day was when the Masaii guards allowed Jessica to take their picture. To this point we had been very respectful of the Masaii and worked on the assumption that they did not want their photos taken.
A side note about the Masaii: : “Exotic, noble, aristocratic, freedom-loving, independent, savage, impressive, arrogant and aloof…” (The Rough Guide to Tanzania, p. 446). The Masaii warriors (their designation from age 13-45) are definitely in a class of their own. The warriors we ncountered at Kimara were dressed in traditional red checked and purple robes. Now, think about just how much cool factor is required to pull that off and still look aloof! But the Masaii are tall people and carry themselves very erect. The security guards at Kimara also carry three-fool long bush knives. Nikki asked Mr. M about them and he explained that security was a common employment for the Masaii men because they are “brave and sincere”. And really, really, cool!

Kimara provided lunch for everyone (some 100 people) By 3:30 we were exhausted and it was time to say our good buys. That was not a simple process.
You think we might have called it a day, but we had plans to go to the cultural center for a show and dinner that evening so after a quick stop at the grocery store for safari goodies, it was back to the Econolodge to get ready. The dinner was a good as Monday’s lunch had been and we got a front row seat for a theatre group performing traditional dance and music.

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